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童心童真 漫畫系列 Komic Kids

Komic Kids 童心童真 漫畫系列 Previous Next 孩子:為甚麼要學識字? 師長:那你就可以自己學習書本上的各種知識,還可以看有趣的故事。 孩子:可是看書太難了,書上的字那麼多、那麼難,我懂的它不寫,它寫的我不懂。 師長:不怕… 童心童真駕到! 超開心的漫畫書,超越故事、超越笑話、超越學習的趣緻遊戲書。 童心童真 是專為 3-6歲孩子 度身編寫的漫畫書。 甚麼是童心童真漫畫? 短而精的四格漫畫,沒耐性的孩子每次看一個故事,也會感受到其中的幽默風趣。 圖文並茂,絕大部分的字都是基礎漢字500課程教過的字,即使啟蒙級的孩子也立即可以將學到的漢字學以致用。 插圖大、字數少,內容淺顯易懂,即使是忘記了其中的漢字,或者有未學過的生字,也能結合畫面和情節,猜出其中意思,輕易將閱讀提升到另一層次 四格漫畫四個場景,展現故事的起承轉合,漫畫情節往往在最後一格達到高潮或反轉,令大人和小孩都意猶未盡 每個故事背後都蘊含了有深度的人生百態,觸發孩子思想萌芽,更能隨時為家長提供親子交流的引子 童心童真 的內容廣泛 BUYKomic Kids 漢字、詞語、成語的理解,例如:忽冷忽熱、…不起 日常生活中的食物、動物等一切事物,例如:肚臍、小蜜蜂 節日、時間、天氣、氣候,例如:秋天在哪裏、五月舞 數理知識,例如:一百 是多少? 數字之謎 天文和科學知識,例如:太陽系、疑問 童話故事、傳記等,例如:雪姑七友、木馬屠城記 孩童鬧趣:都是我的、怪物 童心童真 的其他亮點 互動學習:每個故事附有獨特QR code,能以手機直達故事的專屬網頁,即時實現增值,收獲更多相關的學習資源和知識、動畫等。 由淺入深:每冊漫畫分為入門篇、進階篇,家長輕易按孩子的水平適當調節。 快樂填色:課程的角色透過故事走入了孩子的生活中,斑斕的漫畫激發了孩子的創作慾;在每一個漫畫故事的後面,都附有一頁填色遊戲,讓孩子盡情發揮 童心童真 第 1 & 2 冊 開心上架 http://www.sagebookshk.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/童心童真_unboxing.mp4

Vivian’s story – Learn Chinese characters directly

Parent's Spotlight -Vivien

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Vivian Chen. She and her husband are raising two bilingual daughters in London. Her goal was to finish Sagebooks course for both her daughters before they started mandatory schooling at 4 years old. Family Background (in her own words) I’m Taiwanese. My husband is English. We moved to London 5 years ago. […]

Parent Spotlight: Po’s Story

Parent Spotlight: Po's Story

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Po Tim King from Fortune Cookie Mom. She homeschools her four children in Hong Kong and is making good use of the sets! Po also creates lovely Chinese worksheets and activity sets and used her creations in conjunction with Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500. Family Background (in her own words) My parents are both […]

Parent Spotlight – Ruby Yu

Parent Spotlight - Ruby Yu

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Ruby Yu. It’s always fun to see the different experiences even within the same family. Ruby’s experience reminds us that our children are different people from one another and age plays a bigger factor than we may think. Family Background Ruby went to college in Taiwan and her husband was born […]

Parents Insight from MBA

MBA's Story - Parent Spotlight

This week’s Parent Spotlight is MBA. She has three children and she didn’t have the Sagebooks curriculum available for her older two kids. They all attend a Mandarin Immersion school and the curriculum have been a good way for MBA to provide additional practice as well as exposure to Traditional characters (their school teaches Simplified) to her son. […]

Parents Spotlight: Ying

Parents Spotlight: Ying

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Ying. She has three children and although her first two children didn’t fit with the Sagebooks curriculum well, her youngest has been doing well with the series. All the children will read along with Ying if she reads to them and they enjoy a variety of picture books, several different sets […]

Parent Spotlight : Jonathan Lin

Parent Spotlight : Jonathan Lin

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Jonathan Lin. Some of you may find his experience quite intimidating. However, we just want to remind you that his son started at a much later age, had lots of exposure to Chinese in a very immersive environment, and most importantly, was mature and developed enough to go at that pace. The beauty […]

Parent Spotlight – CA Girls

Parent Spotling - CA Girls

This week’s Parent Spotlight is CA Girl and though she did not end up finishing the series the first time around with her daughter, she still found enough value in the process that she is now going through it with her second child. It’s a nice reminder, too, that even if your child doesn’t finish […]

Parents Insight from Dots

Parents Insight from Dots

This week parents insight, Dots is sharing with us. This is her second time going through Sagebooks with a child. She started at a similar time with both her daughters and is in the thick of things with her youngest and have made good headway in the last month or two. Family Background Dots, from this […]

Parent Spotlight from Tiger Woo

Parent Spotlight from Tiger Woo | Sagebooks HK

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Tiger Woo. Since Tiger Woo’s kids already knew how to read English, she wisely covered the pinyin and English translations. She also incorporates an added dimension of teaching her daughter both the zhuyin and stroke order of the characters they review. Family Background This week’s Parent Spotlight – Tiger Woo and her husband both […]