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2023 國際兒童基礎漢字認讀大賽

Basic Chinese Reading Contest


Save the date for the 2023 International Children Basic Chinese Reading Contest this summer!




Come and join us at this fantastic and amazing contest!

Whether you are a native Hong-Konger, or an overseas Chinese, or if you are simply enchanted by Chinese culture and language… there is now one more reason for you to get excited this summer!

It will be a chance for you to challenge yourself, to make friends with other like-minded children and to learn from each other. It will be a chance for you to experience what it’s like to get prepared and to compete.

This is a contest that will enrich your children’s early experience and bring them life-long benefits.

全球 線上進行

11-20th August, 2023
Online, Global


  • 競賽使我們有機會將自己的水平與目標水平或其他參賽者比較,能增加對自己能力的肯定,也能清楚需要更努力的地方。
  • 競賽會促使我們容易出錯、也能讓我們發現自己的弱點或不足之處,這就能讓我們在錯誤中學習,補進自己的不足。
  • 求勝心會成為一股力量,驅使我們比沒有競賽的情況下更用功、更努力。

國際兒童基礎漢字認讀大賽 宗旨

Goals of the Contest




Awards and Prizes

Group Awards

Awards for schools and educational institutions:

Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, Enthusiastic Contender Award.

比賽組別 / 參加資格



  • 出生日期:2018年12月11日 至 2019年2月11日
  • 已學會200個漢字*


  • 出生日期:2016年2月11日 至 2018年12月10日
  • 已學會500個漢字*


Groups of the Contest

The Contest is divided into two groups.

Beginning Group

  • Date of birth: 11th December, 2018 – 11th February, 2019
  • Learnt 200 Chinese characters*

Progressing Group

  • Date of birth: 11th February, 2016 – 10th December, 2018
  • Learnt 500 Chinese characters*

*Based on the curriculum of Basic Chinese 500.



  1. 認讀配對
  2. 選擇填充
  3. 聆聽認讀
  4. 朗讀



Format, Scope, and Content of the Contest

The Contest will be run online. There will be 4 sections:

  1. Reading and matching
  2. Fill in the blanks (from multiple choices)
  3. Listening and reading
  4. Reading aloud

Both the Beginning Group and the Progressing Group consist of the above-mentioned 4 sections. Progressing Group will get more questions in each section.

Children will compete with their reading and comprehension abilities in characters, words and short sentences. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, particles and idioms will be among the primary elements, among others.









已獲接受報名的參賽者將可免費試做一次迷你模擬賽練習 (連結於7月底發送)。




入門組 備賽精讀

進階組 備賽精讀



報名費用:入門組 HK$250 / 進階組 HK$350

















How do the Beginning and Progressing Groups correspond to the levels of Basic Chinese 500 course?

To take part in Beginning Group, you should have completed Beginning Reader and Budding Reader.

To take part in Progressing Group, you should have completed all 5 levels (Beginning, Budding, Building, Confident, Fluent Readers).

My child has never studied Basic Chinese 500 but they know many words. Can I enter them to the Contest?


You could do a simple test by having your child read the Treasure Box stories:

If they can read all 10 stories in Beginning and Budding Reader, you should feel confident entering them to Beginning Group.

If they can read all 25 stories (that is, all 5 levels) of the Treasure Box, they can challenge the Progressing Group.

Are there preparation material or related courses?

All successful applicants will be eligible to access a mini mock Contest practice (the link will be sent to participants before end of July), free of charge.

In addition, the following course materials are available for purchase:

Beginning course

Progressing Course

Beginning Focused Practice

Progressing Focused Practice

How do I apply?

Application date: 1 April 2023 - 30 June 2023

Fees: Beginning HK$250 / Progressing HK$350

(Fees can be redeemed at the purchase of designated courses or books.)

Please use the application form below. You will receive separate confirmation once application is accepted.

What is the assessment scheme?

The total of 100% is allocated evenly among the 4 sections, each section weighs 25%.

Reading & Matching

Beginning: 8 questions, each question 1/8 points.

Progressing: 12 questions, each question 1/12 points.

Fill in the blanks

Beginning: 5 questions, each question 1/5 points.

Progressing: 8 questions, each question 1/8 points.

Listening & Reading

Beginning: 5 questions, each question 1/5 points.

Progressing: 8 questions, each question 1/8 points.

Reading aloud

Beginning: 5 questions, each question 1/5 points.

Progressing: 8 questions, each question 1/8 points.

2023 International Children Basic Chinese Reading Contest Application Form


大賽規則 Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. 比賽由思展圖書主辦,國際兒童漢語研發所督導,以下合稱「主辦方」。
  2. 比賽在線上進行。
  3. 參賽者須在報名期限內完成報名:
    1. 每位參賽者一年只能參加一次;
    2. 每位參賽者在報名時須選定
      1. 繁體中文/簡體中文
      2. 普通話/粵語


  1. 成功註冊參賽後,報名費不能退換。報名費可於購買指定圖書或課程時獲現金回贈。
  2. 比賽時期將有10天,參賽者可在2023年8月11-20日之間靈活選擇1小時登陸系統進行比賽。
  3. 比賽開始後,參賽者需在60分鐘內完成所有題目。
  4. 家長可協助參賽者解決操作和技術等問題,但不能對比賽內容提供答案或提示。如有任何作弊行為,參賽者即被取消資格。
  5. 參賽者答題時,需使用:最新版 Edge / Chrome 瀏覽器(瀏覽器語言與目標語言對應),有效連接到電腦的攝像頭用於拍攝完整答題過程,有效連接到電腦的麥克風用於錄音。
  6. 所有收集到的個人數據,將嚴格按照我們的隱私政策和數據收集政策保管和處理。
  7. 得獎者領取獎項及證書時必須提交身分證明文件,確認出生日期及就讀學校。證書將使用得獎者身份證明文件上的全名。
  8. 主辦方對本次比賽的細則和結果擁有最終解釋權和決定權。
  1. The contest is organised by Sagebooks Hongkong (SBHK), under the guidance and supervision of the International Institute of Chinese Studies for Children (IICSC), together as “the organiser”.
  2. The contest will be online.
  3. The contestants must register for entry within the application period.
    1. Each contestant may only enter once in a year.
    2. Each contestant will have the option to choose, at the time of registration, to compete in:
      1. Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese, and
      2. Putonghua or Cantonese

These choices cannot be changed after registration.

  1. There will be a non-refundable entry registration fee. The registration fee can be used as rebate when purchasing designated books or courses.
  2. The contest will run over a specific period of 10 days, providing contestants time flexibility.
  3. Once started, the contestants will have 60 minutes to complete all tasks.
  4. While parents are expected to assist contestants with operation and technical issues, they must not provide answers or clues. Any cheating will result in disqualification.
  5. The following software and hardware are required for the Contest: the latest Edge/Chrome browser (with language settings matching the target language for the Contest for proper display of text), a webcam and a microphone that are connected to your computer for capturing video and audio of your performance during the whole process of the Contest.
  6. All personal data collected will be handled in a manner strictly adhering to our privacy policy and data collection policy.
  7. ID proof of the child (DOB and school) will be required at the time of issuing certificate. The child’s full name as shown on the ID proof will be printed on the certificate.
  8. The organiser’s decisions regarding qualification and results shall be final.