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Maintaining Learning During The Summer Months

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain focus during the summer months. Even for adults, keeping up with a routine can be different, as everyone wants to make the most of the summer months. 

While it is not necessary to maintain the same scheduling as during the school months, keeping up with language learning efforts on a consistent basis is key to success. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can help your child keep up with their language learning efforts during the summer.

Make it Fun!

Incorporate language learning into fun summer activities during the summer months. Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, such as going to the beach, playing sports, family trips or going on hikes. Children can practice their language skills by labeling and describing the things they see or talking about the activities they are doing. 

For example, they can describe the different types of shells they find on the beach, talk about the rules of a game they are playing, or discuss the plants and animals they see on a hike.

Get On Board With Technology!

Using an app can help you organize and track your language learning process. Our Sagebooks app is perfect for both students and parents. You can stay up to date on the go! Mobile apps can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, which makes them easily portable. This means that you can take your learning with you wherever you go, whether you’re on a bus, waiting in line, or taking a break from work. Register for our app and help your child learn Chinese on the go! 

Always Keep Books in Your Vehicle!

If you have a car, keep books handy to keep your child busy during road trips or long drives. Incorporating a mix of both Chinese language books and books related to topics that your children are passionate about is a great way to balance fun and learning while on the road. 

Sometimes we plan trips in advance, and sometimes we don’t, so ensure to curate some books and keep them in the car before the summer months. 

Have Regular Movie Nights

Watching TV shows and movies in the target language can help children improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation. 

They can start by watching shows with subtitles in their native language and gradually work their way up to shows with subtitles in Chinese and, eventually, without subtitles at all. 

Try to Find Local Language Learning Camps or Other Learning Camps

Many schools and community organizations offer language classes or camps during the summer months. These can be a great way for children to continue their language learning in a structured environment with other children who are also learning the language. Immersion programs, where children are fully immersed in the target language, can be particularly effective for language learning. A quick Google search of your location and keywords such as “Chinese Learning Camp.” These are also a great way to meet other parents who have children learning Chinese.

In conclusion, summer can be a great time for children to continue their language learning with these tips. By incorporating language learning into fun activities, using language learning apps and games, reading books and watching TV shows in the target language, and attending language classes or camps, children can continue to improve their language skills and prepare for the next school year. 

Be sure to visit our blog to find the best resources to help your child learn Chinese. 

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