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Basic Chinese 500


Basic Chinese 500


基礎漢字500 每事問
FAQ of Basic Chinese 500

基礎漢字500 每事問

基礎漢字500共分五級。There are 5 levels in Basic Chinese 500.

級別 Level名稱 Name顏色 Colour適讀年齡參考Reference Age
第一級 Level 1啟蒙級 Beginning Reader(藍色) Blue3歲起 3+
第二級 Level 2萌芽級 Budding Reader(綠色) Green3歲半起 3 1/2 +
第三級 Level 3躍進級 Building Reader(橙色) Orange4歲起 4+
第四級 Level 4信心級 Confident Reader(桃色) Pink4歲半 – 5歲起 4 1/2 – 5+
第五級 Level 5實力級 Fluent Reader(紅色) Red5歲 – 5歲半起 5 – 5 1/2+


There are 20 lessons in each book, 5 books in each level.
Each book teaches 20 characters. All characters are listed clearly in the Table of Contents. Each level teaches 100 characters.
The 5 levels together teach 500 characters.


  • 所選的生字由最常用、與幼兒生活最有密切關係開始
  • 其次是幼兒文學(包括童話、寓言、童詩、兒歌、圖書)內最常用的字
  • 基本常用的部首字,作為日後學習的重要基礎


  • 字的筆劃多少
  • 發音的順序
  • 字典的排列次序


The characters in the course are chosen based on:

  • they are highly relevant to a young child’s world, and are most often used in their daily life
  • they are most often used in children’s literature, including fairy tales, fables, poetry, rhymes, story books, etc.
  • some of the most used radicals are included, to form a solid foundation for future learning

The inclusion of character in the course does not take the following factor into consideration:

  • the complexity of the written form of the character
  • the phonological order of the characters
  • the listing order of the characters in dictionaries


The child starts to read short phrases from lesson 5 of book 1.
The child starts to read complete sentences (9 characters in a sentence) from lesson 7 of book 1.


  • 名詞 – 水/兔/書/肚…
  • 助詞 – 的/以/又/很…
  • 動詞 – 跑/認/追/帶…
  • 形容詞 – 忙/香/滿/壞…
  • 量詞 – 個/本/片/條…
  • 感嘆詞 – 麼/嗎/了/哈…
  • 方向詞 – 前/東/左/後…




The course includes a comprehensive list of words, including:

  • nouns
  • verbs
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • quantifiers
  • auxiliary words
  • exclamation words
  • directions


Homophones and rhymes are also taught.

所有課文都只有5句** (5頁)。每句最長12個字。平均一分鐘可完成一課。

** 第一冊頭幾課只有3句。

All lessons contain only 5 sentences** each (ie. 5 pages). The sentences are less than 12 characters long. It takes about 1 minute to finish reading 1 chapter.

** 第一冊頭幾課只有3句。The first 3 lessons in the course contain only 3 sentences [/su_spoiler]


It takes about 4 months to finish 1 level.

建議每天最少讀兩次 (早、晚各一次),每次5課。每次僅需5分鐘以下可完成當天「功課」(若加讀其他圖書時間會較長)。

We recommend you to read with your child twice each day (once in the morning, once in the evening), 5 lessons each session. It should take less than 5 minutes to finish the “work” of the day (it takes longer if you also read other books).

  • 保持規律性
  • 保持輕鬆愉快的氣氛
  • 多誇獎孩子
  • 不要貪多、貪快
  • 一星期最少讀5天,最好天天讀
  • maintain a good habit and pattern to study regularly
  • make it a pleasant event
  • be generous with your praises
  • avoid rushing
  • read at least 5 days a week, 7 days if possible
  • 課程的全文備有普通話朗讀MP3及粵語朗讀MP3,亦有讀書郎應用程式提供全文普通話朗讀。
  • FREE STUFF 有海量額外練習供免費下載。
  • 思展網上書店出售的套裝都有《學習錦囊》免費贈送。
  • 有配套的閱讀練習卡
  • 《寫得好看》為已能握筆書寫的孩子提供全課程500個漢字的書寫和運用練習。
  • There are MP3 recordings of all the lessons in Putonghua as well as Cantonese available online. You can also make use of the Read-Along App.
  • There are enormous amount of extra practice sheets and resources in FREE STUFF
  • Bonus Packs are available exclusively on SagebookShop
  • Study Cards are also available
  • Write NOW provides practices to children who have started to write on paper.
怎樣開始課程的學習?How do I start?



高效的模式設計 The effectiveness is all in the design


模式 :書脊圖案的設計

The 5 levels in the course

All available in Tradition Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. English translation and Putonghua pinyin throughout.