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Basic Chinese 500


The main features of Basic Chinese 500

Main features


There are 4 main features in the Basic Chinese 500 course:

以文句為主 Start from reading sentences
Start from reading sentences




The very first lesson teaches 1 character. In the second lesson, your child learns to read a word. 

By the third lesson, your child starts to read phrases. 

From lesson 7 onwards, the lessons are all in the form of complete sentences.

固定的格式 Consistent patterns of the lessons
Consistent patterns of the lessons
  • 全課程500課的格式都一致是每課6頁:
  • 第1頁是課題,課題下面是該課的生字,旁邊有一幅畫。
  • 第2-6頁是課文,每頁一句,共5句。每句一行,按級別由3-12個字不等。每頁都有一大幅插圖,是課文內容的提示。
  • 書本編輯的格式是:每級五冊,每冊20課。
  • All 500 lessons of the course are 6 pages long.
  • Page 1 starts with the lesson title, followed by an enlarged version of the new character, showing the sequence of strokes, and a drawing.
  • Pages 2-6 are the contents of the lesson. There are one large drawing and one sentence, per page. Each sentence is one line of 3 to 12 characters each, depending on the level. The drawing provides clues to the sentence on the same page and helps the child to recall the lesson.
  • The course books are all arranged in the same format: 5 books per level, 20 lessons per book.
課文內容的重覆性 Repetition



Repetition is how children learn naturally. 

Basic Chinese 500 incorporates various repetitions which boost your child’s learning and retention.

每日一字 One character each day


The course design recommends your child to learn one new lesson each day. Each lesson contains ONE new character.

有疑問? Questions?


Please visit our FAQ page. You will get answers as well as inspirations.

The 5 levels in the course

Click on each level below to have find out details and browse contents.


All available in Tradition Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. English translation and Putonghua pinyin throughout.


What parents and teachers said about the course

What parents and teachers said about the course

Basic Chinese 500 words is a methodological teaching aid that encapsulated all the necessary step to teaching children Chinese words and sentences. Children is able to learn, create and ultimately put together all these words into day-to-day use. Basic Chinese 500 was learnt in integral part of forming our curriculum and I would highly recommend it to all parents and teachers.
Grace Tan
Principal of Chinese DOJO, Australia
AnnXi... 安X
Parent - on WeChat
Chinese is not my main language. I'm now learning Chinese through this Sagebook series which I've actually bought for my 5yo son. I will follow the writing and write down the words on my notebook. It helps me to remember better. And the audio available helps me to pronounce the words correctly. Thanks!
Adeline N
Parent - in Sagebooks Support Group
I'm really satisfied with these books as this is helping both my 5 year-old and my 2 year-old daughters learn Chinese (the younger one is still studying [level] 2 but she seems to have a near perfect retention rate).
Bertrand L
Parent in France - by email
P T King
Parent in HK
For SAGE, I really like that no preparation is needed. I point at the words and read once- she points at the words at repeats after me once- and simply from the way the book is structured through its repetition, it gets absorbed finally. I understand the starting is always the hardest, but in my experience with the SAGE, once you get into it, the rest runs like clockwork.
Veda L W
Parent - Facebook
Parent - blog
I am very happy that my kids love learning Chinese (Cantonese) with Sagebooks that we use. Especially my 7 years old is very very interested to learn and go through very single set. That made our learning process so much smoother. She even helped me to teach her brother and sister. I am a proud mama now.💪💪😍😍 Way to go.
Parent - Instagram