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Beginning Reader


The 100 characters that are most relevant to the child’s everyday life​








【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】:兒童中文學習教材 |思展圖書

BEGINNING READER starts with the most frequently used Chinese words and characters, and get the child reading sentences from the very start. The stories are centred around a child’s everyday life. Among this first set of 100 characters, 22 of them are common radicals, laying down a solid foundation for the child’s understanding of the Chinese writing system. The child learns to read in a natural and fun way.

The 5 books of BEGINNING READER contain around 2800 characters. The design of the course embeds numerous repetitions of the characters, in tune with the child’s natural way of learning. Once the child learns these 100 characters, they will be able to read stories and poems on their own.

Through BEGINNING READER, the child learns:

BEGINNING READER is for 3½-years and up.

*Treasure Box is a set of 5 picture books written especially for Beginning Reader graduates. These 5 picture books include a Chinese classical story, an animal story, a rhyme, a fairy tale and an everyday life story.

The 5 levels in the course

All available in Tradition Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. English translation and Putonghua pinyin throughout.


豐富的配套語文活動 / 遊戲 / 練習... Collections of language activites

豐富的配套語文活動 / 遊戲 / 練習... Collections of language activites


The accompanying set of Study Cards are flexible and durable. On top of focused practice, we have designed numerous card games and activities to engage your child and make language learning fun.



We have developed a series of language activities, all inline with the Basic Chinese 500 curriculum. There are new exercises being added continuously, so remember to check back regularly.

Follow the link below and take a look.


Once your child has learnt the basic characters, they will want to read stories on their own. At the same time, they want to expand their vocabulary and learn to use them. Treasure Box is the perfect companion to extend your child’s learning.