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Study Cards


中文學習工具︱兒童學習中文教材︱思展圖書 03





One of the advantages of the Study Cards is their versatility. The cards can easily be integrated into your everyday life as soon as your child learns some new characters: they can see the characters everywhere, they can touch them and play with them. This enhances your child’s memory and language development in many ways.

The Study Cards can be used to help your child focus on practicing characters that are difficult or ambiguous. More importantly, you can take advantage of a wide range of games and activities that we have designed to step up your child’s use of language. Whether your child plays with you one-on-one, or several children play together, the games add fun and purposes to your child’s reading and learning.

中文學習工具︱兒童學習中文教材︱思展圖書 03

閱讀練習卡 遊戲示範 Study Cards game demo

遊戲示範 Game demo


Please enjoy the demonstration of one of the games below.

BlogFree Stuff 還有更多的遊戲。

You can find more games on our blog and free stuff sections.


Main features of the Study Cards

Main features

Available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions