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What parents and teachers said about the course

What parents and teachers said about the course

Basic Chinese 500 words is a methodological teaching aid that encapsulated all the necessary step to teaching children Chinese words and sentences. Children is able to learn, create and ultimately put together all these words into day-to-day use. Basic Chinese 500 was learnt in integral part of forming our curriculum and I would highly recommend it to all parents and teachers.
Grace Tan
Principal of Chinese DOJO, Australia
AnnXi... 安X
Parent - on WeChat
Chinese is not my main language. I'm now learning Chinese through this Sagebook series which I've actually bought for my 5yo son. I will follow the writing and write down the words on my notebook. It helps me to remember better. And the audio available helps me to pronounce the words correctly. Thanks!
Adeline N
Parent - in Sagebooks Support Group
I'm really satisfied with these books as this is helping both my 5 year-old and my 2 year-old daughters learn Chinese (the younger one is still studying [level] 2 but she seems to have a near perfect retention rate).
Bertrand L
Parent in France - by email