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Flip-Flop Fun Limited edition (vol 1, vol 2) 反斗歌 限量版

Welcome to our shop Welcome to our shop Back to Shop 反斗歌以基礎漢字500教授過的漢字,透過不同組詞和情景運用,增加孩子對反義詞、同義詞和同類詞的認識,並學習識別名詞、形容詞、動詞等不同的詞類,是幼兒的修辭運用入門。 本系列適合已完成基礎漢字500信心級或以上的孩子。 Flip-Flop Fun uses characters taught in Basic Chinese 500 to teach new words and sentences. It focuses on the study of rhymes, antonyms, synonyms, and parts of speech. This series promotes independent reading in children who are studying the Confident Reader or […]

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