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Parents Insight from MBA

MBA's Story - Parent Spotlight

This week’s Parent Spotlight is MBA. She has three children and she didn’t have the Sagebooks curriculum available for her older two kids. They all attend a Mandarin Immersion school and the curriculum have been a good way for MBA to provide additional practice as well as exposure to Traditional characters (their school teaches Simplified) to her son. […]

Parents Spotlight: Ying

Parents Spotlight: Ying

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Ying. She has three children and although her first two children didn’t fit with the Sagebooks curriculum well, her youngest has been doing well with the series. All the children will read along with Ying if she reads to them and they enjoy a variety of picture books, several different sets […]

家長 PharmGirl 的 中文教學 經驗分享 – 孩子各有自己的獨點

對於想在家教導孩子認讀,但面對基礎漢字500課程時又望而卻步的家長來說,日常工作的忙碌往往是其中的原因。我們固然有各自的情況和困境,但只要稍為計劃一下,總有辦法妥善安排。 這裏與我們分享體驗的Fleur,雖然她在自己的文章中並沒有提及,但在她教導大女兒的那段時期,她和先生兩夫妻都要上班,每天光是花在上班/下班的交通