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Parent Spotlight from Tiger Woo

Parent Spotlight from Tiger Woo | Sagebooks HK

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Tiger Woo. Since Tiger Woo’s kids already knew how to read English, she wisely covered the pinyin and English translations. She also incorporates an added dimension of teaching her daughter both the zhuyin and stroke order of the characters they review. Family Background This week’s Parent Spotlight – Tiger Woo and her husband both […]

Phalaen: Just start reading and make it a game!

Parent Spotlight from Phalaen

This week’s Parent Spotlight is Phalaen and although she has not been teaching her 3 year old Sagebooks for very long, they are already over half way through the 5 sets. It’s inspiring to watch her progress via the weekly goal threads on our Facebook Group and while we’d like to take the credit for all her hard work, we know […]

Vickie W 的體驗 – 忙碌家長的教學良伴

學中文教材 思展圖書 基礎漢字500

歡迎 Vickie W 與我們分享她的體驗。Vickie W 每星期要上50小時的班。她等到女兒4歲才開始教她中文。雖然她的女兒起步較晚,但藉着基礎漢字500的課程能取得很好的成果,這很值得大家感到鼓舞。