Learning and Mindset: Journaling for Small Children

Journaling is a great way to get your children excited about writing, and it also helps them prepare for school. We have found that journaling can be just as beneficial for smaller children as it is for older learners. By journaling with your child regularly, you are helping them develop their writing skills and encourage […]

Learning and Mindset Through Art

Art is a great way to help children develop a growth mindset. It helps them see their own progress and the progress of others, which can give them confidence in their own abilities and make them more likely to try new things. 美術對孩子的心態修養很有幫助。透過美術,孩子能看到自己進步的同時,也看到別人的進步。這就能加強他們的自信心,令他們敢勇於各種新的嘗試。 Art also opens doors for self-growth—you gain a deeper understanding of yourself […]

Learning and Mindset Through Meditation

Last week, we spoke about mindset through discovery. This week, we’ll dive in and cover mindset through meditation for children. 上星期我們討論了在學習新事物的過程中修養心態。這次,我們來談談怎樣和孩子靜坐冥想來修養心態吧。 Meditation is a special practice that can be introduced to children at a very young age. In fact, the benefits of mindset and meditation can be experienced very early in life. Many parents and […]

Learning and Mindset Through Discovery

Welcome to week 4 of our Summer Learning & Mindset Sprint! This week, we’re talking about mindset through discovery. What does this mean? Mindset through discovery stands for doing mindset work while discovering something new. This allows children to welcome any emotion while embracing learning something new.  Embracing emotions and getting in touch with our […]

Learning and Mindset Through Singing

Welcome to week 3 of our Summer Learning & Mindset Sprint! Last week, we shared some tips and tricks for learning and mindset through movement. This week, we’ll cover mindset work through singing. Doing mindset work is important for all ages because it contributes to our well-being. When small children do mindset work, it can […]

Learning and Mindset Through Movement

Welcome back to our weekly series, where we are sharing learning tips to help your child build better learning abilities and strengthen their positive mindset. 歡迎回到這個「夏日學習與心態」系列。在這裏,我們會分享加強孩子學習能力的心得,一起來幫孩子建立起正面的心態。 Last week, we discussed mindset through play & relatability. This week, we will discuss mindset through movement. We often don’t realise that mindset work for small children isn’t just […]

Learning and Mindset Through Play & Relatability

Learning and Mindset Through Play & Relatability | SBHK

Welcome! Over the next nine weeks, we will share weekly learning tips to help your child build better learning abilities and strengthen their positive mindset. 心態,mindset,已是一個很流行的關鍵詞了。其實,不但成人要關注心態的健康,孩子也同樣會受他們自己的心態影響。今個夏天,從現在起接下來的九個星期,思展圖書將會與你一起來一趟幼童的心態之旅:每個星期,我們會關注一個相關的主題。 Our mindsets are like muscles. They need to be strengthened and stretched to support us daily. The same applies to small children.  We often think that mindset work must […]