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《歡樂棋》情緒管理 – 實體練習紙 Fun & Joy Emotions Management – Printed Sheets



《歡樂棋》:24天親子網上課程,學習情緒管理,提升情商, 練習抉策, 學習語文、數學、創意。購買課程請按此。

This is the HD printout of the practice sheets of Fun & Joy Emotions Management course. This set includes all the materials needed for creating the chessboard, chess pieces, emotions cards, mini personal dictionary, emojis and character pieces. A practical, double-pocket folder included. It’s the perfect set which promotes children’s autonomy, discipline and forming of good habits.

Fun & Joy Emotions Management: A 24-day parent-child online course to learn to emotions management, boost EQ, practice decision making, learning more Chinese, and more…

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