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Idioms in Comic


Idioms in Comic


Idioms set traditional Chinese



Cheng-yu is part of our life and our culture. Even though an expression may be referred to as a cheng-yu, there is nothing scary about it. Each one of us use many cheng-yu in our everyday language. Children listen and pick them up effortlessly, much like how they learn to speak from the time they were born.

Like with any other idiom, we want to truly understand the meaning of a cheng-yu, and to be able to use them appropriately. The ability to use cheng-yu precisely, with the effect of hitting the nail on the head, requires some systematic methods of learning and studying. The great thing about learning cheng-yu with children is that each cheng-yu has its own history. When children learn cheng-yu, they are listening to stories, making it an enjoyable process.




從啟蒙級的第八課開始,孩子就已能自己認讀「七上八下」了,到了第十課,就能讀出「一五一十」了。不必等完成整個啟蒙級,他就能讀出「五花八門」、「開門見山」了。正因為是孩子已能認讀的字,所以學起來自然簡單輕鬆。同時,孩子更會產生一種打開眼界的領悟 – 原來這些字居然能有這種排列方式,有這層意思效果!這就更加激發起他對語文的興趣和信心了。


When is the best time to teach children cheng-yu (Chinese idioms)?

Once your child starts to read, we should gradually expand their vocabulary. Cheng-yu should be part of their vocabulary.

Idioms in Comic is based on the characters that your child has learnt in the Basic Chinese 500 course. It explains what each cheng-yu means, and when and how to use them, all in the form of a comic.

From lesson 8 of Beginning Reader, you child will be able to read 七上八下. By lesson 10, they can read 一五一十. Before they even finish the whole level, they will already be able to read五花八門 and 開門見山. Because these cheng-yu are made up of characters that your child already knows, it will take very little extra effort. When your child realises how the simple characters that they know can be combined to create a different word with a different level of meaning, they will be fascinated by the power of language. It will pique their interest and confidence in learning more.

The best way for children to learn is through laughing and having fun, and cheng-yu are no different. This is why we have included a humourous version to each cheng-yu. By having a good laugh with each joke, your child will peg the joke with the cheng-yu, which helps them to remember much better. It is also an opportunity for you to enjoy some fun reading time with your child, while also having a good laugh.

Idioms in Comic
Available in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese versions