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Top Tips to Prepare for Any Reading Competition

Reading competitions are an excellent way to challenge oneself and improve reading skills. Whether it’s a school-wide competition, a regional event, or a worldwide contest, preparing for a reading competition can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help you or your child get ready for any reading competition, here are some top tips to consider.

Read Everyday

Reading every day has numerous benefits for the mind and body.

  • Firstly, it enhances cognitive function by improving concentration, memory, and vocabulary.
  • Secondly, it reduces stress and promotes relaxation by allowing the mind to escape into the story or information being read.
  • Thirdly, it improves empathy and emotional intelligence by allowing readers to experience different perspectives and cultures.

All of these can prepare someone for an upcoming challenge or task related to reading. Making reading a daily habit can be a simple yet effective way to improve overall well-being and personal growth.

Improve Their Language Skills

The competition focuses on four key elements of language learning: reading words, comprehension of sentences, listening, and reading aloud. Participating in the competition can help children improve their skills in these areas, as they will be challenged to read and comprehend Chinese characters, words, and short sentences. They will also have the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills, which are essential for communication in any language.

Practice with Reading Drills

Reading competitions often require speed and accuracy. Practice speed reading techniques, such as skimming and scanning, to increase your reading speed while retaining information. Try to read as many books as possible within a set timeframe, gradually increasing your speed as you go. To help your child with this task, you can take content from our challenge preparation courses and write repetitive sentences for your child to read. 

Create Mock Competitions

Participating in mock competitions is an excellent way to prepare for the real thing. Collaborate with another parent to help your child do this with a friend or study partner, and conduct a practice round using the information from our competition brochure. We have so much information available on our contest page, in our brochure and in preparation courses to help your child succeed.

Help Your Child Stay Motivated

Reading competitions and contests can be challenging, so it’s essential to stay motivated throughout the preparation process. Set small milestones and reward your child for achieving them. This is a great way to keep your child excited during the child preparation process. 

We look forward to seeing your child’s participation in our 2023 International Children Basic Chinese Reading Contest this summer!

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