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Beginning Reader


The 100 characters that are most relevant to the child’s everyday life​




下雨天 > 樂樂兔 > 大狼和貓 > 司馬光 > 女孩和鳥

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】:兒童中文學習教材 |思展圖書

This set of simple and light-hearted stories are perfect for your 3½ year-old child who is starting to read independently upon completing the Beginning Reader course of Basic Chinese 500. All 100 characters that are taught in Basic Chinese 500 are used in these 5 stories. We encourage your child to read the stories aloud. It enhances the revision of those characters. It also builds your child’s self confidence in reading.

There are 5 stories in the set, including a rhyme, an animal story, a Chinese classic, an everyday life story and a fairy tale. There is a total of 713 characters in the set. Your child will be able to read independently with ease. They will also learn to become focused while reading.

The books in Beginning Reader are best read in the following order:

Rainy Day > Bunny Fun > The Wolf and the Cat > Si-Ma Guang > The Girl and the Bird

Metadata of Beginning Reader Treasure Box

學習目標 What I learn
  • 基本認讀能力,閱讀完整故事。Basic reading of a whole, short story.
甚麼時候閱讀最佳 When should I read
全級五冊總字數 Total word count in the 5 books
  • 720
新生字 New characters
  • 16
每冊閱讀時間 Time to read each book
  • 3 分鐘。3 minutes.

Overview of each story

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】每冊內容簡介:下雨天 Rainy Day |思展圖書
Rainy Day

3½-year-olds love rainy days. This simple story illustrates one of such days as a child would see it. It talks about friends, family, activities and what comes after the rain. Your child learns descriptive writing, and one new character.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】每冊內容簡介:樂樂兔 Bunny Fun |思展圖書
Bunny Fun

We should never leave a 3-year-old all alone at home! But Bunny in the story is a big boy and he invited his friends over to play with him. Bunny shared his toys and books with his friends. They also worked together to fix the trouble caused by Cat. Bunny Fun was illustrated by an 11-year-old girl who understands how little children feel.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】每冊內容簡介:大狼和貓 The Wolf and the Cat|思展圖書
The Wolf and the Cat

The Chinese language has no lack of rhyming words! They add colours and sounds to our writing. This particular rhyme has exactly seven characters in each verse, making it easy for young children to feel the rhythm. Your child will have a first taste of this popular form of poetry style.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】每冊內容簡介:民間故事 司馬光 Si-Ma Guang|思展圖書
Si-Ma Guang

A 3½ year-old can certainly learn from historical figures, such as Si-Ma Guang in this special adaptation. Chinese classical stories are a must in all Treasure Box series. It helps your child to learn about Chinese history, culture and wisdom.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 啟蒙級】每冊內容簡介:女孩和鳥 The Girl and the Bird|思展圖書
The Girl and the Bird

Fairy tales are indispensable to any child. In the magical, imaginary world everything becomes possible. The Girl and the Bird cater to your child’s longing towards such wonderful and magical kingdom. This story is the longest one in this set of Treasure Box, with the most word count. It is a story that your child will love to read, over and over.

All available in Tradition Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. English translation and Putonghua pinyin throughout.


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