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Building Reader


The 100 characters that make up compound words and create different meanings



冬冬打蟲 > 如果不下雨 > 兒歌三唱 > 生日會 > 曹沖稱象

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 躍進級】: 學中文教材|思展中文故事書

The graduate of Building Reader has learnt 300 of the most commonly used characters. Moreover, they are ready to learn more about grammar and sentence structure. It is time for them to lay down a solid foundation of literacy. Learning rhetoric is similar to learning art in the way that one needs to be exposed to masterpiece after masterpiece, to be exposed to all kinds of techniques. Building Reader provides your child with such opportunity in literacy by offering them stories written with more sophistication. We hope to spark their curiosity and imagination through reading.

There are 5 stories in Building Reader. They are best read in the following order:

Bug Attack > If Rain Doesn’t Fall > One Tune, Three Rhymes > The Birthday Party > Cao Chong and the Elephant

Metadata of Building Reader Treasure Box

學習目標 What I learn
  • 學習思考和探索知識;明白閱讀是求知的工具。Learn to think deeper and to search for knowledge. Develop an understanding that reading is a tool for learning.
甚麼時候閱讀最佳 When should I read
全級五冊總字數 Total word count in the 5 books
  • 1620
新生字 New characters
  • 24
每冊閱讀時間 Time to read each book
  • 5 分鐘。5 minutes.

Overview of each story

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 躍進級】每冊內容簡介:冬冬打蟲 Bug Attack|思展圖書
Bug Attack


This little humorous tale describes a low violence conflict when the Dong-Dongs defend their home. This action-packed story is richly embedded with numbers, colours and verbs. With a little help from parents, the child will come to appreciate the humour on the last page.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 躍進級】每冊內容簡介:如果不下雨 If Rain Doesn't Fall|思展圖書
If Rain Doesn't Fall


‘IF’ is a hypothesis. It triggers higher level thinking. Based on a hypothesis, the poem describes various scenarios in nature. It encourages the child to notice how things around them change, and invites them to use their visual imagination. It compares and contrasts along the way, and ends with a joyful high note.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 躍進級】每冊內容簡介:兒歌三唱 One Tune, Three Rhymes|思展圖書
One Tune, Three Rhymes


This poem employs many writing techniques: simile, contrast, personification, parallelism and progression. We hope parents can use this poem as a reference and try other reading and literacy activities with children, to help them develop a more sophisticated use of language.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 躍進級】每冊內容簡介:生日會 The Birthday Party|思展圖書
The Birthday Party

With several twists and turns in the plot, this story gives vivid descriptions of the animals, what they do and how they feel. It caters to the mental and linguistic developments of a 4½ year-old. The story ends with an unexpected turn. It embraces family and love, and creates an “aha” moment for the child.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 躍進級】每冊內容簡介:民間故事 曹沖稱象 Cao Chong and the Elephant|思展圖書
Cao Chong and the Elephant


We adapted this intriguing historical story which reveals physics and mathematics. Your child will be able to read and comprehend the story independently. Further parental guidance can help them explore the properties of water and objects, and the relationships between weight, mass and volume. To a graduate of Building Reader, time has come to use reading as a tool to gain knowledge.

All available in Tradition Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. English translation and Putonghua pinyin throughout.


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