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Budding Reader


The 100 characters that boost the child’s reading ability




青春舞曲 > 小王子的歌聲 > 小魚的家 > 孟母三遷 > 小馬的星月夜

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 萌芽級】:兒童中文學習教材 |思展圖書

The stories of Budding Reader are distinctly longer than those of Beginning Reader. Budding Reader Treasure Box uses all 100 characters taught in the Budding Reader Basic Chinese 500, plus the characters taught in the Beginning Reader. It is written for 4-year-olds who have completed the Beginning and Budding Readers and have accumulated a total of 200 characters. Besides providing reading practice, the Budding Reader stories also grow with the child’s cognitive and emotional developments in terms of plot and content. They can serve as inspiration or tools for parents to initiate discussions on different topics with children.

There are 5 stories in Budding Reader, with a total of 1401 characters. There are poetry, an animal story, a Chinese classic, an inspirational story and a fairy tale. On top of the characters taught in the Basic Chinese 500 course, the child will also learn 22 new characters. They prepare your child for the next level, Building Reader.

The BUDDING READER stories are best read in the following order:

The Youth Dance > Little Prince Learns to Sing > Little Fish’s Home > Meng-Zi Changes Home > The Pegasus Sonata

Metadata of Budding Reader Treasure Box

學習目標 What I learn
  • 深化認讀,透過字詞組合學習修辭。Deeper reading, and the beginning of rhetoric through combination of words.
甚麼時候閱讀最佳 When should I read
全級五冊總字數 Total word count in the 5 books
  • 1400
新生字 New characters
  • 20
每冊閱讀時間 Time to read each book
  • 4 分鐘。4 minutes.

Overview of each story

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 萌芽級】每冊內容簡介:青春舞曲 The Youth Dance |思展圖書
The Youth Dance

This poem has been adapted from a folksong of Xinjiang people, originally written by Luo-Bin WANG. The first stanza has been kept the same as its original. It compares one’s youth to a bird’s flying away, neither of which ever returns. The second stanza talks of new creation. It adopts a merry tone which contrasts with the first stanza. A 4-year-old would begin to understand the concept of time and life. It would be a good opportunity for parents to discuss these topics with the child.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 萌芽級】每冊內容簡介:小王子的歌聲 Little Prince Learns to Sing |思展圖書
Little Prince Learns to Sing


Children love to imitate grownups. This is how they learn. Inevitably there are times when they face new challenges and lack confidence. This is the moment when a little encouragement from parents goes a long way. It could help the child to break through their own mental blocks, and write their own beautiful tune. How does your child relate to the Little Prince?

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 萌芽級】每冊內容簡介:小魚的家 The Little Fish's Home |思展圖書
The Little Fish's Home

This story has a simple plot and appears to use basic words. In fact, it employs a variety of new phrases and a wide range of adjectives and auxiliary words. It also introduces idioms. At the end of the story, Little Fish raises an interesting topic: is grass always greener on the other side of the grass? Or does even the emperor’s bed fall short of one’s humble bed?

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 萌芽級】每冊內容簡介:民間故事 孟母三遷 Meng-Zi Changes Home|思展圖書
Meng-Zi Changes Home

Whether you are a child growing up in China or a foreign student learning Chinese, you should know about Meng Zi (Mencius), who is crowned as the Second Sage, after Confucius. The protagonist of this story is, however, his mother. She has been regarded as a paragon of parenting for generations. She recognised the importance of environment in a child’s learning and personality development. She used concrete examples to explain ideas to Meng Zi. The story introduces many aspects traditional Chinese culture. They are interesting discussion topics for parents and children of all ages.

【Treasure Box 寶貝盒 萌芽級】每冊內容簡介:小馬的星月夜 The Pegasus Sonata|思展圖書
The Pegasus Sonata


Pegasus is originally from Greek mythology. The Pegasus brothers of Treasure Box are adventurous, passionate and courageous. In the world of Pegasus, there are the sun, the moon and the stars. There are mountains and rivers, forests and plains. There are of course other animals. The story of the Pegasus brothers echoes your child’s imagination and their longing for adventures. This is how your child will read with passion and confidence.

All available in Tradition Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. English translation and Putonghua pinyin throughout.


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